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Anselmo, 2022 Student of the Year

Anselmo had a happy childhood; with loving parents and brothers. When he entered high school, he played on the football team and his team was heading toward the championship. It was then he got into a fight that left him with lifelong consequences. He suffered a concussion and brain injury which left him with epileptic seizures. He suffered continuous and debilitating seizures. With nothing to keep him occupied, he began to make some poor choices. He eventually dropped out of Madera High during his senior year. He later enrolled at Madera Adult School. He came for a few weeks but began a downward spiral with his health. He eventually had to drop out of Madera Adult as he was admitted into the hospital and placed in an induced coma for 3 months. When they took him out of his coma, he remained hospitalized for another 6 weeks. He eventually re-enrolled at the adult school. Within a few weeks, his family endured the flooding of their home which ruined Anselmo’s laptop. No longer able to complete school work at home, he got a job where he could buy a replacement laptop. During this time, he also lost a brother to an untimely death. However, Anselmo never gave up. He made a promise to his brother that he would get his high school diploma.

Anselmo was placed on an IEP and eventually moved into a 504, due to his injuries. He was encouraged by his teachers to come to school as many days as he could but continue to work on Edgenuity at home. His school schedule began to conflict with his work schedule. Thankfully, his employer arranged Anselmo’s work schedule so he could attend school and still maintain his work schedule. Anselmo could be seen every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning and night sitting behind a computer working on his classwork. He continued to work from home as well. Anselmo was focused, and determined and he dominated his studies. Nothing could stop Anselmo.

When Anselmo arrived at Madera Adult School, he needed over 110 credits out of 180 to graduate. He was given the option of earning a HiSet but said his promise to his brother as he would earn a High School Diploma. The closer he came to earning his 110 credits, the more determined he became. He was named Employee of the Year within his first year of employment and received a promotion to Manager. Through all of his troubles, Anselmo did in fact earn his High School Diploma. Anselmo is currently enrolled at Madera Community College with a double major: Culinary Arts and Biology. His goals are to open his own restaurant and pursue a job as a Biologist. With his mindset, Anselmo can do anything he puts his mind to.

photo of 2022 Graduate, Anselmo
2022 Graduate, Anselmo
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