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High School Diploma


The high school diploma program offers our students a blended-learning experience in the classroom, where they are provided individualized learning with the online software of Edgenuity and teacher-guided one-on-one assistance or group instruction based on the subject matter. Courses for high school credit are available for adults seeking to earn their high school diplomas.

For questions about the High School Diploma Program, contact Madera Adult School at (559) 675-4425.

All NEW students must attend an orientation at the start of each new semester. Both new and continuing students will be given an assessment test prior to the meeting for transcript evaluation and before being enrolled in classes.  Call (559) 675-4425 to find out when the next orientation and assessment tests are scheduled.

Madera Adult School is a WASC accredited high school designed to assist adults in the completion of high school graduation requirements.  All courses have been State and MUSD Board approved.

An adult may receive a Madera Adult High School Diploma upon completion of one hundred eighty (180) credits in the subjects listed below.  

  • English: 30
  • Physical Science: 10
  • Math: 10
  • Life Science: 10
  • Algebra: 10
  • Electives: 60
  • Civics: 5
  • Career Development: 5
  • Economics: 5
  • Computer Technology: 5
  • U.S. History: 10
  • Fine Arts or Foreign Language: 10
  • World History:10 
High School Diploma Schedule 

Classes are held at the Madera Adult School location.

Class Hours

8:00 am – 12:00 pm
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

8:00 am – 12:00 pm
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

8:00 am – 12:00 pm
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

June 2022 AltEd Graduate
Information & Forms


You put in the time as well as effort and have persevered to complete your required credits for graduation. To be a graduate, you must meet all of the requirements set by the State of California, Madera Unified School District, and Madera Adult School. You must have:

  1. Completed all credits
  2. Earned a 2.0 or higher g.p.a.
  3. Been pre- and post-tested for CASAS


Please click on the link to access the application. On the form, only fill in the yellow highlighted sections. Next, click the save button and name the file as your last name_ your first name_gradapp (example: Doe_John_gradapp). Last, click the Upload button on the application to submit the form. You will need to sign-in to your Google Account to upload.

Madera Adult School Graduation Application

Please complete the survey to inform your teacher which additional project you would like to select to complete in place of the mock interviews.

Career Assignment Survey

Mock Interviews

For Quarter 4 Spring 2020, all mock interviews are suspended as a requirement due to COVID 19. In its place, students will complete an additional assignment.

—Per Madera Unified School District

Portfolio Checklist
The following items must be included in the portfolio:
  • Cover Letter:​ Typed and formatted properly
  • Application: Typed
  • Resume: Typed
  • Letter of Recommendation: Typed and signed by person.
  • Thank You Letter: Typed
Must include two (2) additional items from the following:
  • Post Graduate Plan: Typed
  • Certificate(s): Example student of the month
  • Sample Work Examples: Edgenuity Essays, powerpoints, and projects
  • Personal Statement: Use the Personal Insight Questionnaire to type it.
  • Additional Letter of Recommendation: Typed and signed by person.

To add  a blank copies to your Google drive: 
Click “FILE” then “Make a Copy” or click on this symbol to add a copy to your drive.

To share your work with your teacher: Click the “Share” button in the top right-hand corner, then under “People” put in your teacher’s email address before clicking “Send.”  Your teachers will be able to see your assignment and suggest edits to your work.

Please use this form
to keep track of your required
items for the portfolio. Thank you.

Portfolio Requirements Checklist

Alcohol and Drug Form

Save file as: Your Last Name_Your First Name_ADForm
Example: Smith_Jane_ADForm

Cover Letter (Google Doc) or Cover Letter (Word)

Save file as: Your Last Name_Your First Name_CL
Example: Smith_Jane_CL

OEII Personal Post-Graduation Plan

Save file as: Your Last Name_Your First Name_GradPlan
Example: Smith_Jane_GradPlan

Personal Statement

Directions: Please click on the link to see suggested questions to help you write your personal statement. Select one from the list of eight to write about.


  • 1 page in length — no less and no more
  • double spaced
  • Times New Roman
  • 12 point font
  • 1 inch margins

Resume Template (Google Doc) or Resume Template (Word)

Save file as: Your Last Name_Your First Name_Resume
Example: Smith_Jane_Resume

Student Job Application

Save file as: Your Last Name_Your First Name_JobApp
Example: Smith_Jane_JobApp

Thank You Letter (Google Doc) or Thank You Letter (Word)

Save file as: Your Last Name_Your First Name_TYLetter
Example: Smith_Jane_TYLetter

Transcript Request Assignment

Save file as: Your Last Name_Your First Name_TRForm
Example: Smith_Jane_TRForm


2037 W. Cleveland Ave.

Madera, CA 93637

(559) 675-4425

(559) 675-4562 FAX

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