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Aidee Bautista

Aidee Bautista immigrated to the United States from Tijuana, Mexico in 2018.  She immediately enrolled in ESL classes at Madera Adult School.  When she was in the ESL Program, she simultaneously enrolled in an IET class (Required to be enrolled in an ESL class and co-enrolled in a Computer Literacy class).  When she completed the IET class and CASAS tested out of the ESL Program, she immediately enrolled in the HiSet (GED) Equivalency Program.  Upon earning her HiSet she enrolled in the Citizenship Class at Madera Adult.  She earned her Citizenship this year.

Aidee is a prime example of doing what it takes to get the job done.  In her case, to become an American citizen.  Aidee is married and has a special needs child.  It was tough at times, but with the support of her husband and the assistance given to her by the teachers and staff at Madera Adult School, she achieved her dream of becoming an American citizen.  

Aidee is currently attending Madera Community College and plans to transfer to CSU-Fresno to become a Dietician. 

Thursday, October 20th, Aidee was recognized by TRIO and the Central California Educational Opportunities Commission, sponsored by the Central California Women’s Conference, and  AT&T,  Luncheon, where she received several Certificates of Accomplishment as well as a Scholarship.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. What an accomplishment – we are so proud of you.

Aidee Bautista and MAS staff
Aidee Bautista and MAS staff
Aidee Bautista and MAS Principal Shirley Gregory
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