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Lance Hoffrage

Lance Hoffrage

Teacher: EMT

(559) 675-4425, Ext 109


I went to Dixieland elementary from K-8 and graduated from Madera High in 1984. I worked in the food manufacturing industry for almost 10 years at Valley Grain Products, where we made corn products like tortilla chips, taco shells, and tostadas. 

I took the Madera Adult School EMT program in 1992 and started my EMS career at American Ambulance in Fresno the same year. Shortly after, I began working part-time in Madera at Pistoresi Ambulance. In 1996, I left American Ambulance when Monte Pistoresi sponsored me to paramedic school, and I graduated from the Fresno County Paramedic Program in 1997. 

In 1998, I began my teaching career as a Paramedic Preceptor, training new medic students on how to run ambulance calls in the field. In 2000, I started teaching the EMT program at Madera Adult school and became the program director in 2005. Around 2002, I was promoted to field supervisor and prehospital liaison officer at Pistoresi Ambulance. 

The biggest regret I had about moving to management from the field was giving up precepting new paramedics. The teaching job at the adult school satisfied my passion for teaching, and I still enjoy it tremendously. EMS is a young person’s job, and it is very rewarding to share my experience with the “new breed.” 

I have twin sons that are 24 years old. One of my sons is autistic. Being around them, their young friends, and the young students and employees is quite an experience and keeps me laughing, rolling my eyes, and on my toes.

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